Ready to Transform Your Life and Income via Short Term Rentals? 

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Did you know that the average host income is approximately $10,000 per year?! 

What could you do with that extra cash?

Say hello to the Six Figure Superhost, the ultimate course for aspiring and current Airbnb Hosts like you. 


I've been there.

Overwhelmed by the chaos of online information?

Tired of your current situation, yet questioning if an Airbnb venture is within reach?

I get it. I've been exactly where you are: lost, overwhelmed toped off with the uncertainty, the hesitations, and the late-night fears.  It wasn't until I invested in an Airbnb course that I paved a clear path towards my first Airbnb success that took me from doubt to $300,000+ in just over a year.

Imagine a program that gives you:

  • Confidence in understanding every step to build your Airbnb business.

  • Clear guidance on how to set up your listing and automate guest communications
  • Direction and tools on how to assess your finances so that you can increase your profitability
  •  The additional stream of income you've been aspiring to bring in.

How did I actually make $300,000+ in a little over a year?

I share all the secrets on how I did it inside Six Figure Superhost, including the exact strategies I used to scale my Airbnb business to 10 units.


In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Become an Airbnb Host 
  • Be welcoming your first guests into your beautiful space
  • Be watching Airbnb payments  rain down into your bank account

The right moves can make all the difference and I cover it all inside Six Figure Superhost.


Six Figure Superhost

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It's Time to Airbnb Your Way to Financial Freedom. Are You In?

This nine-module course teaches you everything you need to know to grow your Airbnb business.

    • Learn how to "Start" by formalizing your business, conducting market research, and pitching to leasing agents. 
    • Learn how to "Sustain", covering everything from curating and listing your space to becoming a Superhost.
    • Learn how to "Scale" where you'll discover how to expand, hire help, and automate your systems.

I'll provide you with scripts, checklists, templates, and trackers to keep your journey organized and structured.


What's Included In Six Figure Superhost...


Learn actionable steps you can take to get your business legally started and take the first step into Airbnb hosting. (Spoiler alert: you don't need to own property.)

Inside you'll learn:

Module 1:

  • How to Start Your business.

Module 2:

  • How to Conduct Market Research & Competitor Analysis

Module 3:

  • How to Pitch to Leasing Agents

You’ll finish this section with confidence that you've built a solid foundation for your Airbnb Business.


With your Airbnb secured, it's time to curate and list your space to become a Superhost.

 Inside you'll Learn:

Module 4: 

  • Curate Your Space

Module 5:

  • List Your Space

Module 6:

  • Achieve Superhost Status

You'll finish this section with understanding of how to make your listing stand out and what it takes to become a Superhost. 


You have your foundation and your Airbnb rolling now. Learn how to:

Module 7: 

  • Hire Help

Module 8:

  • Acquire Additional Units

Module 9:

  • Automate Your Business

You’ll finish this lesson with scripts, checklists, templates, and trackers to keep your journey organized and structured.



  • Apartment Phone Call Script for you to nail your pitch to apartment complexes during your very first interaction with them so that you know exactly what to say. (value: $197)
  • Apartment Walkthrough Tour Script to guide you through the walkthrough so that you can confidently present your business model to leasing agents. (value: $197)
  • "Free Rent" Negotiation Script to help you navigate how to negotiate free rent and additional concessions before you sign the lease. (value: $197)
  • Apartment Outreach Tracker to help you stay organized as you reach out to apartment complexes.(value: $97)
  • Profitability Calculator to help you assess the revenue, and profit, and stay organized financially as you start and scale your business. (value: $47)

Total Value: $735 | FREE with Six Figure Superhost!


Breanne is not only inspiring but her transparency makes her a trustworthy coach. The modules are well laid out and the homework is so actionable that if you stick with it you will see results. If you want thorough support and genuine motivation in launching your rental arbitrage business look no further than Breanne.

- Arianna

"I LOVED every bit of Breanne's workshop. It was super informative, and she was honest about her journey and the lessons learned along the way. I left the session feeling like I can start my short rental journey the next day, that's how detailed the class was.”

- Feyi

This program is FOR you if..

✅ You want a self-paced course with everything you need to start an Airbnb business the right way.

✅ You're ready to add an extra income stream to your life.

✅ You're interested in Airbnb/short-term rentals but unsure how to begin.


This program is NOT for you if..

❌ You prefer to figure it out on your own.

❌ You want to learn how to buy or rent homes for short-term rentals.

  • The business model I teach solely focuses on leveraging apartment complexes to run your business.

❌ You can't legally operate a short-term rental business in your city.

  • I do not teach anyone to bend the rules and regulations, so please check your city regulations before purchasing.


Breanne's expertise in the field of STR is impressive, and she has clearly invested a significant amount of effort into establishing a solid foundation. I greatly appreciate the insights and guidance around competitive pricing and how to separate myself from competition during our session. I was able to use this information to update my listing and make changes to my first Airbnb unit!


"I cannot say enough about Breanne and her Arbitrage course. This is something I have been interested in for such a long time and just never pulled the trigger because honestly, I didn’t know where to start. Breanne is so knowledgeable and such a patient teacher. She taught me so many new things that even carried over into my existing business.

From the start her course made everything simple to understand and easy to follow. When I felt overwhelmed from life events (I was making a cross country move at the time), she was there for extra support and I am excited to be on my way to my goal of 15 units!!"

- Courtney


I'm Breanne Renee

I'm based in Raleigh, North Carolina! 

I teach women and people from marginalized communities how to create an additional stream of income by running their own legitimate Airbnb/short-term rental business without owning property. I'm devoted to helping more of us thrive in this industry by providing relatable and devoted coaching to my students.

I am operating all of them through corporate leases via the rental arbitrage model, meaning that I lease all of my units from apartment complexes instead of owning them. 

Back in January of 2022, I secured my first Airbnb unit with a ~$5,000 investment. I recently surpassed $300k in revenue across Airbnb and Furnished Finder since the beginning of 2022.

There is no magic formula to building a successful and scalable Airbnb business. You just need to understand the strategy and put in the work. I’m living proof that this is doable!

I’m excited to share my experiences and knowledge with you, and together, we can create a path to financial freedom and empowerment.

By joining today, you'll gain access to:

🌟 The step-by-step blueprint to create your Airbnb business.

🌟 Strategies for building a thriving and profitable business

🌟 Insight into how to avoid the costly mistakes that I made.

 🌟The ability to pursue Airbnb without owning property.

We all know that we truly value what we invest in. Your investment isn't just about a framework for success; it's about your dedication to your dreams.

Stop wondering and start doing this with our comprehensive Airbnb Business course.

Gain the insights you need to make informed decisions for your journey!


Six Figure Super Host

Payment Plan


6 monthly payments


Payment Plan


3 monthly payments


Pay In Full


Originally $1497, Save $500


By making the investment in this program, you will have access to everything you need to know so that you can start, sustain, and scale your Airbnb business!

With every one-bedroom apartment, I teach my students how to make at least $800 in profit per month. This is the money that you will be taking home after all expenses are paid. Here are some exciting metrics you can look forward to reaching:

If you had:

1 Bedrooms

You could make 
$800 month
x 1 unit
x 12 months
= $9,800/Year in pure PROFIT! 
If you had:

3 - 1 Bedrooms

You could make 
x 3 units
x 12 months
= $28,800 in pure PROFIT!
If you had:


You could make 
x 5 units
x 12 months
= $48,000/Year in pure PROFIT!